Candy carts are popular items for both professional and personal use. They’re used to transport candy and other snacks to events, parties and other social gatherings. So, you can imagine how varying they are in shapes and sizes. There are however many more things to look for when buying one.

Here are some tips on what to check when looking for wooden candy carts for sale:

Quality of construction

Look closely at the joints between pieces of wood and see if they fit together well. If they do not fit together well but have been glued together anyway, the cart will not last very long and may fall apart while you’re using it. If they fit together well and have not been glued together, but there is still some play in them, then this cart will probably be fine for most purposes; but will still need some servicing.

The wheels and axles

Check that all of the wheels are firmly attached with screws or bolts (not just glued) and that there are no cracks or splits in them. Also check that all of the axles turn smoothly and freely when you push or pull on them by hand—you don’t want something sticking out from under one side of your cart! Rubber wheels will give you better manoeuvrability when moving around in tight spaces.

The Quality of Wood

The first thing that you should check when buying a candy cart is the quality of wood. The best way to do this is by feeling it with your hands. If it feels rough or soft, then it might be made from low-quality wood. If the piece of furniture has been properly sanded and polished, then chances are that it is made from high-quality wood. A good quality wood will have a straight grain pattern with no knots or gaps in between. The colour should be uniform without any discolouration or blotches. The texture should be fine, smooth and silky to touch while the finish should be glossy without any rough edges.

Check for Relevant Accessories

When buying candy carts, make sure that they have all the required accessories like shelves, drawers, racks etc. If they do not have them, then you will have to buy them separately and this will increase your overall expense. So better check before buying that everything is included in it.


These include:

  • Seats – Candy carts come with seats that can be adjusted to suit your height. You can sit comfortably while selling sweets from the cart. This is usually one of the most important features you should check because it affects how comfortable you are when working.
  • The Locks – You also need to check the locks on your candy cart as well because if they aren’t working properly, then they can cause accidents in the workplace such as slipping or falling off a step ladder while reaching for something on top of one of your shelves when it happens to be unlocked!

The Finish

The finish of your wooden candy cart is one of the first things that you will notice. The finish should be smooth and free of any imperfections. It should also be consistent across the entire cart, so if there are any variations, you may want to consider another option.


Buying a candy cart is a major decision that’s often made on the whims of the moment rather than after careful deliberation. For this reason, you need to be careful about who you’re buying the candy cart from. How do you ensure that you get the best deal possible? It all starts with your research. So, in addition to the features outlined here, finding out more about pushcarts from online forums is also an excellent idea, as other vendors are likely to have valuable information to offer on their own experience with candy cart purchases.


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